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September 28, 2016

It Takes a Congregation

Have you ever found yourself wondering who decides to renovate the sanctuary, who plans the Lawn Party, and who decides to raise monies for various projects such the Lancaster County Council of Churches Food Hub?

The answer to all of these questions and many other questions is your fellow church members. Yes, it is everyone who volunteers their gifts of time and talents to serve the mission of the church. In simple terms It Takes A Congregation!

The Church is made up of multiple Ministry Teams. These teams meet regularly to discuss issues applicable to their area of responsibility. Each Ministry Team has a Chair and an Assistant Chair who attend Church Board meetings and submit items for action. The Chair and Assistant Chair serve a three-year term with the option of a second-term nomination. All Chairs and Assistant Chairs are approved to be placed on the slate by the Church Board and then voted on by the congregation at the Fall Congregational Business Meeting. The Leadership Search Team’s function is to fill all vacant positions for the slate prior to fall meeting.

If you have a talent or gift that you feel would be useful to this congregation, if you are interested in being considered for an available opening, or if you want to recommend someone for a position, please contact a member of the Leadership Search Team. A member of the team can share what responsibilities are in-volved.

Please give prayerful consideration to what gifts you or someone you know might have to offer. The team would love to see your name on the list of those being considered for nomination.

–Barb Morrow, Acting Chair of the LST

Leadership Search Team

Jack Bryer
Barb Morrow
Fern Bucher
Grace Cox
Lois Shenk
Clem Rosenberger
Myrl Greiner

Many of us have multiple gifts and talents we can use.

All of us are busy and have many things that pull us in different directions. But the work of the church is critical and needs each one of us.