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October 20, 2016

Get it on the Church Calendar!

Make sure it’s on the church calendar! What? You say!

Is your fellowship group having an event here at the church or off site? Get it on the calendar!

Is your Ministry Team having a meeting other than the 2nd Tuesday of the month? Get it on the calendar!

Is your committee having a meeting? Get it on the calendar!

How do you get your event/meeting on the calendar? By calling the church office (397‑4751) and speaking to either Tiffany Dickel or Linda Harnish. Not only does this help Tiffany and Linda know how to plan doors to lock and unlock, it helps other groups plan events as well. It keeps rooms and dates from getting double booked.

You can always view the church calendar in real-time on the LCOB website by going to www​.lancob​.org. 1) Click “Media Center,” 2) “Facilities Calendar,” then 3) “Go to Facilities Calendar.” (or click hereIf you then “bookmark” the page you can easily access it every time. As always, if you have any questions, please call the church office.