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February 9, 2017

News Update: Senior High Workcamp This Summer

Currently our plan is to work with Church of the Brethren Pastor Richard Marquil and his congregation in the city of San Juan de la Maguana, capital and largest city (120 thousand persons) of the San Juan province of the Dominican Republic. Tentative dates are Wednesday, July 19, to Friday, July 28. We’re still in conversation to understand what would help Pastor Marquil most for us to do but it will likely be more community ministries than construction.

In addition to myself, Pastor Alix and Arelis Sable and Priscilla Sable have agreed to be advisors, and I am seeking another male and another female advisor.


1. TELL ME YOURE GOING— Reply, message, text 717–419-4228.

2. VALID PASSPORT—You don’t need a visa for the Dominican Republic, but you do need a passport. Please obtaining one if you want to participate in the trip ASAP. We’ll need copies of the photo page well ahead of time to purchase airline tickets at reasonable rate.

3. PRAYIf you haven’t already started, pray for every aspect of the work camp you can imagine. Pray for Pastor Marquil, his church and their city, that we’d be a blessing to them. Pray for Pastor Alix and myself as we make arrangements — this is a lot different than logging onto the Church of the Brethren website and checking the boxes for how many people and where we want to go. Pray for yourself: we do workcamp so that you will GET what Jesus meant, that greatness in his Way is only by serving. I’m praying that everyone who goes (myself included) will be undone by God in such a way, by living with and serving sisters and brothers who live on a dollar or two a day, that we’ll have no hope of returning to “life as normal” here in Lancaster. Honestly, that hope is the only way I can imagine the carbon footprint of all our air flights and sleep well.

I’m excited about what the Jesus who consistently does more than we know how to ask for or have capacity to imagine will do in but especially through us for others July 19–28!

–Pastor Michael Howes