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March 14, 2017

The Church Now, As Well As the Church of The Future

Goals of the youth ministry at LCOB:

High School graduates will be spiritual self-feeders. In other words, they will be equipped to obtain spiritual nourishment from God through the Scriptures in community with other Christians without needing a Sunday School teacher or a pastor to guide them through the process.

Graduates will have identified and utilized the gifts for ministry that God imparts to all followers of Jesus, with the hope that they will be living in the Brethren core of belief that they are all ministers to one another and to the world with baptism as their ordination.

Between now and April 2, all youth in grades 6–12 are studying the following during the Sunday School hour:

The life and teachings of Jesus

Key Bible narratives

Core Christian practices and beliefs

Essential Church of the Brethren beliefs and practices.

Each week, high school juniors and seniors, with assistance and resources from Pastor Michael, will be preparing the lesson and developing questions to engage a conversation for the week that they will be the teacher and leader of small group Bible studies.

Youth who desire to be baptized and who have completed this series will be baptized on Palm Sunday, April 8.

If parents or youth have questions, please call or text Pastor Michael at 717–419-4228 or email him at