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June 24, 2017

Asbestos Abatement & Debris Removal Begins

Delayed by fire investigations and permitting for removal of asbestos contaminated debris, clean‐up of the fire damaged Chapel is expected to begin on Monday, June 26.

The asbestos is in a layer of the ceiling. The room was contaminated when a portion of the ceiling was brought down as the fire service needed access to the light fixture that was burning.  The entire ceiling and all insulation above the ceiling will be removed.

Standard procedures for asbestos abatement and cleaning will be followed. All furniture and other contents of the Chapel will be carefully processed in multiple steps including use of special vacuum cleaners.  Heavy furniture items will be removed, stored and further cleaned off site before being returned to the Chapel.  Accepted procedures in asbestos clean‐up call for all carpeting in the room to be removed.

The asbestos abatement and debris removal may take up to three weeks. Since the fire incident on Sunday, May 28, teams from PaulDavis company have been invaluable in emergency repair, removal of certain damaged items and ventilation of areas outside of the Chapel. After discovery of asbestos in the collapsed ceiling debris, Environmental Hazards Control, a division of EHC Associates, Inc. was brought in to test samples throughout the church to determine its safety.  Now, EHC will lead the process to remove everything from the Chapel.  What can be processed and cleaned will be retained; what cannot be cleaned will be properly disposed.

The Lancaster Church of theBrethren thanks the skilled teams from both PaulDavis company and e.h.c. –Environmental Hazards Control.

David Hosler – Chair, LCOBProperty Ministry Team