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June 12, 2017

Chapel Update: On “HOLD” for Permit to Remove Asbestos

Since June 1st the entire church building has been tested for asbestos that may have come from the Chapel when the fire service brought down sections of the ceiling to attack the hot spot at the light fixture that was burning. Those tests, on both air samples and wipe samples, fortunately showed no asbestos on the samples taken. That left only the Chapel with asbestos contamination.

A professional asbestos abatement firm was retained and an application was submitted to the appropriate authority for the required permit to remove all contaminated debris from the Chapel and professionally clean all furniture, fixtures, books, musical instruments, window treatments and decorations…everything!! Until the permit is received, the Chapel has been sealed and no one is permitted to enter.

Many have asked if the ceiling can be repaired or will need to be totally replaced? The proper abatement process appears to be removal of all of the former ceiling with its asbestos and build a new ceiling.

No official estimate has been made of when the Chapel will again be available for worship and ceremonial services (weddings \ funerals).

Next steps.…obtain the permit — remove the debris and asbestos ceiling — clean everything. Thereafter our building contractor can begin reconstruction.

David Hosler — Chair, Property Ministry Team