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October 7, 2017

6-Week Sunday School Opportunity on Worship

If you ever lead worship in any way (through song, prayer, drama, etc.) or have ever wondered if you could lead worship, don’t miss this opportunity to grow in your leadership!

Come to a six-week class during the Sunday School hour where attendees will be thinking deeply about why certain procedures are done in worship.

Attendees will also increase their skills in leading and planning memorable and meaningful worship experiences.

While this class is being held at the request of Morning Psalm worship leaders and planners, everyone is welcome to attend. The class will delve into Marcia McFee’s book Think Like a Filmmaker a book that Morning Psalm has been focusing on together over the last several months. There will also be time to practice, practice, and practice.

The class will meet at 9:00 am in the FLC  beginning October 8 and running through November 12. Join us!

—Pastor Cindy Lattimer