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December 7, 2017

Advent Series: Your Part in the Magnificent Story!

The sacred season of Advent begins December 3 and runs through Christmas Eve. It is a time of waiting, hope, preparation, expectation, peace, and joy! The worship series for this wonderful season will look at several of the people surrounding Jesus’ birth — we will pay special attention to the ways people acted in faith as Christ came into the world. Each person and story offers a different example to us in how we might prepare for, greet, welcome, make room for, and proclaim the Christ child’s presence in our lives. The stories from that first Christmas are powerful — but God’s ongoing story is still being written, and each of us has an important part to play! Each person in the Biblical story was called in a particular way to help bring to light God’s work of salvation in the world. This series offers us an opportunity to reflect on our part in the magnificent story of Christ’s love!

Advent and Christmas are also times when fellowship and storytelling in community are important. Morning Psalm will be seeking to engage this faithful practice of community building by ending each service in the Advent season with a time of fellowship — made even sweeter by homemade cookies for sharing. Join us each week as we spend some extra time simply enjoying being together in the midst of a busy season. It should be a great time to tell each other about the story of God unfolding in your life and in our shared life!

–Pastor Cindy Lattimer