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February 9, 2019

Let’s Celebrate Our Youth!

We have 11 youth ranging in grades 6–12 who are part of our youth fellowship. These teens lead busy lives and cannot always be with us on a Sunday morning. Some of them have jobs, and some have dedicated time to athletic teams which keep them away with the seasons.

Our youth can be hard to catch up with at church, but we are blessed to have them as a part of our church body. Each time we see the youth, they are just a bit taller and always so much smarter than the last time we saw them. We may need a reminder of what they look like and who they are becoming because they grow so fast.

To help celebrate each one of our youth, beginning in February, Youth Ministry will be sharing a “Youth of the Month” poster in the Gathering Area of the church. Please take time to learn more about these young people. Send a note of encouragement, share a word of wisdom, congratulate them on an accomplishment, or let them know you remember them in your prayers. Help our youth to feel celebrated in the life of the church.