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February 7, 2020

Please Join the Pastors at Their House for a Meal

In an ongoing effort to get to know each other better, Pastors Misty and Don and their spouses would like to invite you to come enjoy a simple meal and fellowship at their homes. This will begin in February and continue for as long as people keep signing up (or until the cooks get tired of it).

Sign-up sheets with specific dates and times and the number of available seats are located in the church Gathering Place on the table near the mailboxes. You can sign up with friends as a group or sign up a la carte and see who else joins you. (In addition to seeing your pastors in their natural habitat, you may get to know some new people from your church family!)

The sign-up sheets provide a place to note any special dietary needs and opportunity to veto one food that you hate. Otherwise, you’ll have to eat what you are served or go hungry. All members and friends of the congregation are invited to attend one meal at each pastor’s home. You don’t need to bring anything other than your appetite.

We look forward to hosting you!

-Pastors Misty & Don