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February 7, 2020

Preaching Series to Encourage Giving Up

Giving up generally is not considered a virtue, except perhaps during Lent. The pastors will begin a new sermon series in February on the theme of “Giving It Up.” Many of us give up certain things for the 40 days of Lent and doing so can be very beneficial. This series (which actually begins a bit before Lent) puts a different twist on what we might want to give up. In fact, these are things we should consider giving up for life. (Fortunately, chocolate is not mentioned in this series.)

Topics, speakers, locations, and dates for the English-speaking services through Easter are:

Giving Up Absolute Certainty: Pastor Don, Acts 10, Traditional (T) 2/9/20 & Morning Psalm (MP) 2/16/20

Giving Up Control: Pastor Misty: Genesis 2:15–17, 3:1–7; Matthew 4:1–11, MP 2/23/20 & T 3/1/20

Giving Up the Right to Get Even: Pastor Don, Romans 12:9–21, T 2/23/20 & MP 3/1/20

Giving Up Superiority: Pastor Misty, John 4:5–42, MP 3/8/20 & T 3/15/20

Giving Up Your Life: Pastor Don, Matthew 16:21–28, T 3/8/20 & MP 3/15/20

Another Way of Doing Life: Shane Claiborne, Luke 14:12–14, Romans 12:2, 3/22/20, Preached in Sanctuary and streamed to FLC and Chapel (see Seeking First article on p. 8)

Giving Up the Right to Be Right: Philip. 2:1–11, MP 3/29/20 Jamie Nace & T 3/29/20 Pastor Misty

Giving Up Popularity: Pastor Misty, Matthew 21:1–11, 4/5/20, Combined Palm Sunday Service in Sanctuary, followed by Love Feast service in the FLC.

Giving Up Death (and Getting Life!): Acts 10:34–43; John 20:1–18, (Easter Sunday), MP 4/12/20 Pastor Misty & T 4/12/20 Pastor Don