Congregational Meeting

Sunday, October 22, 2017
12:30 pm

Please make every effort to attend the Congregational Meeting on October 22. We need your feedback on current programs and future opportunities.

A lot has happened since the Spring Meeting. The 2nd Spiritual Renewal event has been planned, the Cross-Culture team has been very active as evidenced by the well-received Block Party, and members of our congregation have served in Nigerian work camps, just to mention a few. The Ministry Teams have also been very diligent in managing the daily business of the church.

One particular subject to lift up is the activity of the Morning Psalm facility planning team. A proposal to employ professional help to crystalize our vision for Family Life Center modifications has been accepted by church board and will be recommended for your approval.

Of course, we had somewhat of a “burning bush” experience in our chapel which resulted in a fantastic worship experience at the Lancaster Bible College. The Property Ministry team and many other members have created some exciting reconfiguration plans that you will hear about, and have opportunity to approve. This will most likely be at an additional special Congregational meeting which will be announced.

In my opinion, LCOB is having a great year thus far. I sense the spirit of the Lord abounding. I am continually amazed at the individual dedication of many of our members and their collective efforts to make a great church.

—Frank Fox, Church Moderator