Palm Sunday & Love Feast

Sunday, April 14, 2019
10:15 am

The Lancaster Church of the Brethren will be having a combined worship in the sanctuary at 10:15 on Palm Sunday, April 14. This will be the only worship service on Palm Sunday and will include music from the praise team and chancel choir.

The service will begin with the joyous music of Palm Sunday and include the receiving of several new members by transfer of church letter, reaffirmation of faith and baptism. Don Fitzkee will preach the sermon to focus on the week in the life of Jesus preceding his crucifixion. The service will culminate in a time of preparation for love feast and communion which will immediately follow the worship service.

The love feast will begin with the eating of soup, bread, cheese and fruit, followed by a time of feet washing around the tables, and concluding with bread and cup communion. The worship service will be around the theme of ‘Were You There?’ and will include several monologues based upon the scriptural account introducing each section of the love feast.

The love feast will be in a traditional style with men and women sitting separately. Children are welcome to sit with either parent. Those unable to wash feet may engage in a symbolic hand washing at specially designated tables.

Every member and friend of the Lancaster Church of the Brethren is invited and encouraged to attend and join in the celebration of life together in Christ. Childcare for children up to age 3 will be provided after the meal. Children’s activities for children 3 and older will be provided later in the service. Contact Jamie Nace for details.