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July 25, 2019

Are You Downsizing?

Are you downsizing or just simply getting rid of stuff? Perhaps you’ll come across items that pertain to the Lancaster Church of the Brethren, thinking these items are not current and are not needed. If these are some of the items you are planning to throw away, please pass them on to the church administrator Tiffany Dickel, and she will give them to the Church Historian.

Recently, Dave Ebersole handed Tiffany a folder of old papers. This file contained items that belonged to his grandfather, the Rev. John Ebersole. Some of the contents of the file were items we had in our archives; however, several items we did not have. The LCOB archives have several Church Directories from the 1940s (1944, 1947 & 1949) and include Church Directories from 1951 through 2019 (with two missing years, 1952 and 1997). The Ebersole file contained two directories from the 1930s (1930 and 1932) which we did not have. Thank you, Dave, for allowing us to preserve the past!

Pictured as part of this article is the cover of the 1932 directory entitled: History, Year-book and Church Directory. Interestingly, the church name is given as First Church of the Brethren, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Yes, the Lancaster Church of the Brethren is and was the first Church of the Brethren in Lancaster, PA. Before 1908, the church name was the German Baptist Brethren Church, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Please remember to give all LCOB items from the past to Tiffany and let the Church Historian dispose of them if not needed for the archives. -Thanks, Jay Wenger, Church Historian