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September 20, 2016

Calling all…EVERYONE!

The children’s ministry is a growing, thriving, wonderful ministry of LCOB. Being blessed with many such ministries, a lot of hours of prayer, conversations, work, etc. are needed to support and grow them. They can’t exist without many, many people joining their talents together. That’s where you come in! The Children’s Ministry of LCOB has a wide variety of places to serve. Some things can be done from home. Some are seasonal. Some take a little time, some a little more. Here is just a sampling of things you can sign up to do:

Read to the children during the Sunday School hour.

Sew/Create/Put together quiet bags that children can use during worship.

Greet families as they enter and go over the children’s program for the morning.

Check-in on the Faith Kingdom Sunday School teachers on Sunday mornings.

Highlight scripts for the Praise Kidz program.

Help families as they sign in to the nurseries.

Purchase supplies/food for children’s ministry events. (You will be reimbursed.)

Pray for the children of our congregation and those who visit or will visit.

If you have a desire to help, contact Jamie Nace. She will go over the details and find the right task for you. Thanks for taking the time to consider serving!