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September 13, 2017

Wednesday Night Live Resumes

Each Wednesday evening, starting September 13 and continuing for ten weeks through November 15, you are invited to gather in the Family Life Center at 5:00 p.m. for a tasty supper prepared by a volunteer staff. After the meal, you can participate in various activities, including children’s music classes (contact Jamie Nace to pre-register), youth activities, and interesting adult classes (6:15 – 7:15 in rooms 162–163).

This fall the adult class will feature a six-week series by Bob Frick on the wives of modern-day U.S. Presidents, several “Testimonies and Life Stories” from members of the congregation, and a “Bike-Across America” adventure story by local educator Jeff Bradley.

The specific class topics for September are:

September 13 Bob Frick, Introduction and Eleanor Roosevelt, the first of the series, Together they made the Modern American First Ladyship, Eleanor Roosevelt to Laura Bush, an apolitical presentation on the leadership style of the twelve women considered by historians as the modern-day First Ladies, as re-searched and presented by Robert Frick.

September 20 Lenny Lambert, Episodes From My Life Story, Part 2.

September 27 Bob Frick, Elizabeth Wallace Tru-man and Mary Geneva Doud Eisenhower, the second of the series, Together, they made the Modern American First Ladyship.

Wednesday evenings are truly alive at the Lancaster Church of the Brethren. Come and join in the fun and fellowship.

—Chuck Denlinger and Bev Angle, class steering committee
—Suzanne Schaudel, meal coordinator