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August 6, 2018

Special August Congregational Meeting

Greetings Members and Associates,

If you recall, during our Spring Congregational meeting, we presented many new projects that are in support of the Strategic Plan. Our target has been to present progress reports and organizational change recommendations at our Fall Congregational meeting. Since changes have been taking place rather quickly, we thought it best to schedule a Congregational meeting on August 12, 2018, following our 10:15 worship service, to bring you up to date on happenings.

Following the definition of our Strategic Plan, many us have been praying for the influx of the holy spirit, and we have not left wanting. There is an exciting new rhythm in our midst as can be witnessed in the outstanding sermons and worship services, number of new outreach activities and an increase of new families visiting our church.

The August meeting agenda will be as follows (with possible additions):

> Extension and redefinition of Pastor Bob Kettering’s role (action item)
> Respective pastoral roles
> Youth program focus
> Search for Morning Psalm pastor
> Thoughts on organizational structure

—Frank Fox, Moderator